In this episode I address the coming chaos surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. You’ve never seen anything like what’s coming. I also address President Trump’s stunning comments about foreign intelligence involvement in the Spygate scheme. 
News Picks:
This piece addresses the main targets of Bob Mueller’s witch hunt and the mysterious lack of any “collusion” charges. 
Rosenstein must be fired. Andy McCarthy makes the case. 
Was the whole collusion fairytale based on a flawed intelligence assessment?
This Chuck Ross piece dismantles yet another piece of the collusion fairytale. 
What is Andrew McCabe’s lawyer up to?
Was Rod Rosenstein really threatening to wear a wire in meetings with the President?
If you’re getting ready to buy or sell a house be very careful. Read this piece about the latest scam. 
Another questionable accusation about Brett Kavanaugh. 
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